Ensil’s Research & Development Lab is dedicated to enhancing, developing, and creating mission-critical technologies and devices in the aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical industries.


We are incredibly proud of Vastusys, our current R & D focus. Vastusys is an easy-to-use wearable medical device that helps people with mobility issues (specifically “foot drop”) caused by injury, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, or paralysis. By simulating decisions made by the brain, Vastusys’ hardware, software, and internal electronics facilitate leg and foot movement via Bluetooth.

As we work towards the completion of Vastusys, we invite interested investors and publicly traded companies to support the marketing and distribution of the Vastusys line of medical devices. Ensil’s Research & Development team welcomes your company’s ideas, products, and technologies.

Contact us today to discuss how our engineers can make your innovation a reality.

How does Vastusys work?

Vastusys® is a sophisticated electronics system based on both hardware and software that simulates decisions that are usually made by the brain to facilitate mobility or the movements of the Limbs.
Signals which are received by the Vastusys® control module through Bluetooth are analyzed and then through Bluetooth are again transmitted to different parts of the body

Vastusys is a medical device which helps individuals with mobility issues caused by injury, stroke or other disorders.

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