Our established global parts network can source hard to find, obsolete and special purpose electronics components and assemblies. Our electronics components sales department scans the market on a daily basis, ensuring we offer the best prices and support.

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Preferred Supplier: Buyers value Ensil as a business partner, recognizing our ability to offer the best combination of quality, service and price.

Excess Inventory: We manage excess inventory of global OEMs and contract manufacturers by purchasing their parts or placing them under consignment for resale. Our sales team moves customer products for optimal ROI, with programs for line item purchasing, lot purchasing and consignment.

Quality Lab: Ensil maintains stringent certifications unique to each vertical market and industry we serve through our anti-counterfeit test and inspection lab and our documented line of defence against counterfeit parts. Our inventory and work environments are ESD certified, and our staff training programs ensure our inspection teams are armed with the knowledge to surpass industry standards. Visit us to see how our most rigorous test and inspection equipment ensures the highest level of supply chain security.

For more information please view Ensil's Warranty Terms and Conditions.


CPU . EEPROM . SRAM . DRAM . MOSFET . IGBT . PLL . Development Kits . Digital Signal Processors (DSP) . Microcontrollers (MCU) . Microprocessor (MPU) . RF & Microwave ICs

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